Live From Tennis Planet

She is back. No, it wasn’t a rumor. Your stunning and oh so smart blogger is back on track after a long break due to FFBM, aka French Fucking Bureaucracy Mess. But let’s not waste time in speeches. The divas have been busy this summer and it’s time for us to make a recap of … Continue reading

The USO Fashion Police

Here comes the post you have been waiting since the very beginning of the tournament… Ready, steady… Go! Very confusing nude style for Turkish Airlines Besides being a smurf… What on earth is this skirt? Psychedelic JJ at your service Okay, where to start? When the skirt looks shorter than the hairband The first bottle-of-water … Continue reading

Selling Tennis

While the USO is in full swing with its dose of drama and Turkish Airlines making the headlines in France for having stuck her hair in her racquet (seriously?), The Real Ball Girl would like to come back on the wonderful promotion of tennis through the tournament tennis page. Because really. Is that the Sharomobile? … Continue reading

A Day Away From The USO

The bitch is back, darlings. Alright. Technically, your stunning blogger was supposed to come back yesterday but it turned out she had a very Susan Lewis moment and made it to her Parisian penthouse way too late to blog. But anyway, what can possibly go wrong during a few hours away from the tennis courts? … Continue reading

The Ivy League Level

Alright. Everyone made it to Montreal but it is never too late to come back on whatever happened in Stanford, right? Yeah. Especially since the WTA hasn’t released official Rogers Cup pictures already. When in Stanford, Super Sam taught a class Then she also signed a book she hasn’t written herself When in Stanford, TOWINUITI … Continue reading

What You Might Have Missed

You had better things to do in July than watching Super Sam lose first round in Stanford? Join the club. Yet because a tennis freak has to know about the latest news, here comes a recap. Mistress Chantel and Turkish Airlines are BFFs This is obviously the WTF information of the past few weeks. Since … Continue reading

The Yodel Party

Yes, darlings. We are back to Heidi country and probably one of the best – and humiliating – players’ parties ever created in the whole WTA era. Let’s check it! Police fashion, you just made it to Hell. There were guys at this party…  It’s the Bad Gastein version of The Bachelor Mona is ready … Continue reading

Wimby 2014

What’s to keep in mind apart from The Real Ball Girl’s impossibility to update her blog on a daily basis because WordPress screwed it? Well, all this: Super Stitched Sam doesn’t like SW19 Except in doubles. Because, you know, it’s not the same surface by then. Mistress Chantel suffered from a seizure Or was drunk. … Continue reading

Live From Tennis Planet

Foxy goes after Royals “Great honor to meet the Duchess of Cornwall today! @Wimbledon #GoodthingIpracticedearly” S. Lisicki Miss October is back, bitches! “Thank u for all the support out there! Happy to be thru to the next round…!” V. Zvonareva Love is in the air ““@serenawilliams @CaroWozniacki thanks for much needed dinner and company. ” it … Continue reading

Let’s Party

Or better said, let’s get boozed. Wimby has started with its traditional Super Stitched Sam’s loss but let’s come back a very last time on this wonderful pre-SW19 party because – gosh – there is quite a lot of material, here. Hydration Hydration II Hydration III At this point, we all wonder who managed to … Continue reading