The What Is Going On Award

Tennis life is back down under (gosh isn’t this expression dirty) but there is always time for a very last award. This week: The What Is Going On one. Please, vote, darlings!

Fran Within 140 Characters

There she is. At last. One of our favorite Italian divas finally learned what Twitter was about so it was only fair that your oh so talented blogger dedicates an entry to the one who makes us wince in pain before her latest results. 1. Nice profile pic An all smile Fran who could be … Continue reading

What To Expect In 2015

Nothing. Thank you for stopping by, see you tomorrow. Alright, alright… Let’s see if your stunning blogger has psychic skills. Ready? Place your bets, darlings! 1. Sharo will kill us with more Sugarpova promotion Because she must have a secret deal with dentists and cardiologists. 2. Mistress Chantel will win when she wants Because that’s … Continue reading

Live From Tennis Planet

Ivano!ic can spot a racquet Foxy said auf wiedersehen to Germany, obviously “It’s worth it doing a 6am run when you see this at the end of it!” S. Lisicki Turkish Airlines is having fun yet without sharing the fun “Getting some hilarious Twitter notifications right now.. People are surely creative!” C. Wozniacki Sharo is … Continue reading

Meanwhile, in London

It’s time for food, booze, stars and a bit of tennis too if we have enough time left Hugs for women only Foxy spending the evening with her godmother and godfather Everyone looks livid – was it a Twilight theme evening? Livid and/or white – Wimby, here we go The Cougar is looking for a … Continue reading

Live From Tennis Planet

What is it that Super Sam always gets the same hairdo out there? “Newcombe Medal Awards. Thanks to Bronx and Banco #bronxandbanco for my amazing (and comfy) dress and Sally Skoufis #sallyskoufis for my beautiful jewellery.” S. Stosur Dani Girl is discovering the world through blurry pics “Look who we bumped into on the way … Continue reading

The Top 10 Elf Names

Because it had been a while… Let’s keep this Christmas-y spirit alive. Mistress Chantel … Is Candy SugarBells. Mind you, that’d be a nice stripper name. Sharo … Is Happy SparklePants. Hmm… Too much body glitter? How JJ of her! Sisi … Is Candy SugarBells. Well, might be time to launch this strip club. Karate … Continue reading

The Top 10 Christmas Presents

Since Christmas is coming, it is now time for us to think about throwing ourselves in this craziness that is Christmas present hunt. But what to get for the top 10? Here’s The Real Ball Girl’s suggestion. Nb. This entry isn’t sponsored by Macy’s and shit. 1. Mistress Chantel A secret diary. To make sure … Continue reading

Ivano!ic Airlines

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Ana Ivano!ic and I’m your chief flight attendant. On behalf of Captain WTA the entire crew, welcome aboard. Please fasten your seatbelt This is what happens when you fly first class Obviously, she had had more than a drink before doing this You know Morticia isn’t around when the food … Continue reading

Live From Tennis Planet

Oh my Time for Sharo to boost her ego Dancing Queen is on top form “Didnt get a high five from the passenger next to me when I spilled all my coffee on his jeans…woops” S. Arvidsson Meow Weather looks good in Canada Karate Kid is all about Frozen Beauty School is ready for 2015 … Continue reading