The Singapore Fashion Show

While Sharo is having a hard time – again – on court, let’s come back on… The divas’ clothing choice for Senior Prom. Fashion Police: activated. Sisi, renamed The Black Widow – Mistress Chantel confirms Ivano!ic, black is the new black – Let’s face it The Genie, The Big Blue – Not really the color … Continue reading

Meanwhile, in Singapore…

While Sharo seems to have lost the rules of the Championships – honey, you are supposed to win your matches – things do happen in Singapore. On and off court. Here’s a recap. Nb. Great intro, right? Karate Kid in her best LMFAO performance – too bad we don’t get the joke ourselves “I think … Continue reading

The Singapore Mess

Wednesday, time for a Singapore tennis recap. Yes, believe it or not, but after endless makeup and photo sessions, the divas are now playing tennis. Although in a very WTF way for some. Momo Puig is the little homecoming queen Unless she released a song and hit the 200,000 copies sold. Not too sure considering … Continue reading

Singapore Homage

After the incredible surprise – please insert *sarcasm* here – of Mistress Chantel defeating Ivano!ic and Sisi destroying The Genie, let’s come back on the WTA ghosts presently wandering through the corridors of Singapore. Yes. At some point, these Championships will be about tennis. Just be patient. Madame Li, suddenly very WTA covered since she’s … Continue reading

You’re Sure It’s Still About Tennis?

Obviously, your stunning blogger will cover the Senior Prom for you this week (unless she suffers from a retinal detachment like last year). Thankfully, she can count on the WTA to media harrass her with pics and vids unlike half of the tournaments this year. Sorry Lux. and co. Apparently you’re incredibly too shitty to … Continue reading

The Sharo Show

The WTA calls it “Blitz”. The Real Ball Girl calls it “bling bling”. Whatever. It is nonetheless rather entertaining. Promotion #1 – Sharo is Mrs Robinson(s) *giggles* Sharo and the peasants Promotion #2 – Sharo and the awfully expensive Sugarpova And the redneck of the night Sharo in her best Angelina Jolie adopting kids impersonation … Continue reading

They Made It

Nobody cares anymore about Luxembourg and shit because guess what, the divas have made it to Singapore. Time for a recap of what we know so far. Turkish Airlines is having fun on her own – bless her “Camouflage guy is back! I can still see you #paparazzi” C. Wozniacki Sharo is in full promo … Continue reading

Party Wild… With Soup

No need to put on your fantabulous outfit, honey. The Luxembourg party sucked so much that even the Fashion Police stayed quiet and drowned their sorrow in booze. Oh well, it’s the end of the year… Momo, the “young” touch of the party TimTim can’t wait to get back to her hotel room Cornetto found … Continue reading

The WTA Finals App – oh my!

Manicures, beaches… Oh yes, darlings. The Senior Prom is on its way! Thus – and to prove how geeky they are – the WTA have released… An app. Wow. Awesome. Now let’s have a look at it… Girls Only It’s golden and purple and oh my where are the glitters? Ah yes, JJ is taking … Continue reading

She Is Back

The Real Ball Girl’s tennis Amber Alert worked (if that doesn’t prove the influence of your stunning blogger then whatever): Super Sam is back on social networks. Oddly enough, at the same time as her winning a tournament. Coincidence, of course. Where to start? The tuna thing or the glamour decoration of the room? Sexy … Continue reading