The Sofia Kids

Yes, things happen during matches – barely, though – but it is all about the rest as well. You know how The Real Ball Girl loves criticizing having a look at all these activities offered to the divas. So let’s see what Sofia has had in mind so far. Cornetto teaches gremlins to write on … Continue reading

The Alternate Guide

Cruel way to put it but lucky ticket for the divas, here. And ten bucks they give into black magic in their hotel bedroom to make sure their status of alternate takes them one way or another to the court in order to play. Being a Top 10 player or a big winner is not … Continue reading

Black Is The New Black

And a bit of red/orange too. If you were wearing something else, then the bouncer probably kicked you out the players’ party in Sofia. And one classy black widow, one! Excuse the hair, Cornetto got trapped in a hurricane Oh, a sugar daddy! Flavita went for the stripteaser trench coat Black is the new black … Continue reading

Classy Sofia

Before the first match to start, let’s come back on what we have so far: the Bingo Ceremony, also known as the event where CSN showed up in high heels. Dammit. Replace the background by an infamous police wall and we’re on for a new episode of OITNB Unless it’s a remake of Desperate Housewives? … Continue reading

Live From Sofia!

Exit Senior Prom and… Hello, Bulgaria! Time for us to head to Junior Prom and enjoy a brand new week of tennis. Flavita, looking casual… Or so Mini-Dress launches the “Tarmac Selfie” “Hello from snowy Sofia :):)” D. Cibulkova Cornetto is thumbing up her way to Sofia “Snowing Sofia, here I am !!! @WTATOCSofia #excited … Continue reading

Recap Mess

Singapore oriented, obviously. And damn… There was quite a lot of mess going on. Morticia was back on court and there was no coverage Still crying. Madame Li is back too With a new outfit: ankle-length dress and heels. Not the best for a match, though. Sisi destroyed Mistress Chantel in two Which is why … Continue reading

The Singapore Love Story

While their tight match just came to an end with Mistress Chantel winning Lord knows how, it is now time for The Real Ball Girl to come back on this brand new love story made in WTA. Watch out, it is almost as good as Flavita and The Cougar. Goodbye The Hobbit and The Godfather … Continue reading

The Singapore Fashion Show

While Sharo is having a hard time – again – on court, let’s come back on… The divas’ clothing choice for Senior Prom. Fashion Police: activated. Sisi, renamed The Black Widow – Mistress Chantel confirms Ivano!ic, black is the new black – Let’s face it The Genie, The Big Blue – Not really the color … Continue reading

Meanwhile, in Singapore…

While Sharo seems to have lost the rules of the Championships – honey, you are supposed to win your matches – things do happen in Singapore. On and off court. Here’s a recap. Nb. Great intro, right? Karate Kid in her best LMFAO performance – too bad we don’t get the joke ourselves “I think … Continue reading

The Singapore Mess

Wednesday, time for a Singapore tennis recap. Yes, believe it or not, but after endless makeup and photo sessions, the divas are now playing tennis. Although in a very WTF way for some. Momo Puig is the little homecoming queen Unless she released a song and hit the 200,000 copies sold. Not too sure considering … Continue reading