Fed Cup Drama

Or not. But now that the patriotic weekend is over, let’s have a look at the divas’ results. Semifinals Czech Republic 4 – 0 Italy Obviously, Speedy Gonzales is really in top form these days. Australia 1 – 3 Germany They were playing on the Oz soil. Of course, Super Sam had to lose. World … Continue reading

National Tennis Drama

It is Fed Cup time again, darlings! Improbable outfits, forced smiles and damn-why-the-hell-have-I-been-selected poses are de rigueur. Ready?   Soso is THRILLED La Marquise de Kerberita has a new Marquis, or better said, boyfriend So much to say, too little time France needs to invest in a new cam Always look casual Karate Kid is getting ready… … Continue reading

What On Earth

The Real Ball Girl is off for a week and all of a sudden the WTA turns into a giant mess. Really? … No further comment … You can always count on Australia for a good ol’ fashion disaster Sharo got a kid? Yes. Foxy is totally sponsored by a jewel brand. Why did she … Continue reading


No. The Real Ball Girl isn’t on the verge of making a rendition of that classic Broadway tune but tennis news being what they are, a little da-fuck-happened-to-their-hair recap imposes itself. Turkish Airlines lost her mind   A lemon landed on Gaga’s head   Nastia The Teen In Crisis tried to carry in permanence with … Continue reading


Who says Poland says vodka. And clichés. Yes. Let’s all get boozed in Katowice! Was it a dot themed party? Or a black vs coral themed party? Whatever theme it might have been, it was cold Alcohol warms one up – no further comment Dubs don’t only happen on tennis courts Ah no, alright – … Continue reading

Mexican Party

No worries, darlings. The Real Ball Girl isn’t Karen Walker-izing nor offering you some Mexican “Tic-Tac” but simply wants to come back on the Players’ Party because who would say no to some fashion disaster? Right? Right. La Donna’s boobs are trying to hypnotize you with reptile-like patterns Turkish Airlines visited the 80′s and came … Continue reading

Eva, Mariana And The Others

Today The Real Ball Girl has decided to dedicate an entry to these people who turn to have their very own armies.  And yes, she is still talking about tennis and no, it isn’t Sugarpova related. You either love them or hate them like there is no tomorrow and that for more or less fair … Continue reading

Live From Tennis Planet

Dancing Queen is lucky – or not “Got a windowseat on my flight……but yeah,without a window” S. Arvidsson Turkish Airlines doesn’t sell the idea of being engaged very well “Bath time and Scandal. No better way to spend a Thursday night” C. Wozniacki Makiri is getting ready for her upcoming match in Vegas “Now we are … Continue reading

Flipper’s Memoirs

It’s been a long time since the last tennis literature parenthesis so let’s now head to Monterrey that seems to inspire Flipper so much this week. That and the bonus she might get for writing her blog, that is. You’re in Philly, honey? “it’s always sunny here” So it isn’t acne. Good to know. “we … Continue reading

Let’s Party Hard, Charleston!

Ah yes. It is this time of the year again when Charleston throws in its now internationally famous party in the heart of the city in the name of candies, booze and extra activities (nothing dirty or at least not officially). The candy bar is open and dentists ready for their appointments Popcorn is always … Continue reading