Live From Tennis Planet

Sharo is bored “You know you’re in Florida, when you’re doing puzzles in your free time #salvadordali” M. Sharapova Bananarama is in a good mood “The start of any sentence: you should … Best used when u talking to yourself. Otherwise it’s irrelevant #takenotes” V. Azarenka JJ and the JJ-ettes Foxy is definitely not in … Continue reading

Getting To Know…

The old divas. You know, the ones who have been on tour before the release of the iPhone 3. Let’s have a look at their WTA bio because it is always such an awesome source of entertainment. Dani Girl “Favorite designers are Armani, Cavalli, Dior and Missoni” On court? Sharo “favorites (movies) are Mona Lisa … Continue reading

The We Got It You’re a WTA Favorite Award

Time for another award ceremony before the great return of Tennis Text Messages From Hillary. What is this one about? Good question, darlings. Vote for the diva who has been too much put in the highlights this year by the WTA according to you. You have a week to vote!  

What Was That For?

Obviously nobody watched it as we were all going on with your lives but Ivano!ic and Mistress Chantel played some sort of champagne-included exhibition match up there in Turkish Airlines’ country. Sure your stunning blogger could come back on how the WTA summed up it all in an article, presenting the evening and Ivano!ic’s win … Continue reading

The WTA Bitch Award

Here we are, darlings. Let’s hope you are wearing your best coktail dress/tuxedo and that – unlike Jennifer Lawrence – you didn’t trip on the red carpet. The results: Now if this isn’t the Genie’s year… Congratulations, young diva. Obviously, the WTA is so happy to welcome you in the house. May your bitchiness highlight … Continue reading

Live From Tennis Planet

Because we don’t know which seat you got, genius “I’ve reserved my seat at @iptl – why don’t you get the one right next to me! #myIPTLseat” S. Williams Oh god, she is adopting We never know “Haven’t played a match since January and still getting drug tested. #letthegoodtimesroll” L. Robson … ? … “How … Continue reading

Oh, Twitter!

Time for your awesome blogger to read what you have to say about the WTA within 140 characters… Ivano!ic is the new Mary Ingalls “@WTA @AnaIvanovic for sure. Especially she seems blind as bat, makes it even more amazing” And body glitter thanks to JJ “Bubbles and confetti photograph so well in Miami, Indian Wells … Continue reading

The Power of Dubs

Because tennis is not always about being an individualistic dimwit and that you can be a bitch on court with a partner, it is now time for us to bring homage to some dubs teams. La Cosa Nostra Reigning on the queendom since forever, they can be dreadful. In singles too but for other reasons. … Continue reading

The WTA Bitch Award

Yes, darlings. Now that the off-season is on, it is time for us to hold a very special ceremony: The WTA Bitch Award. Needless to say that many divas could be nominated so your oh so awesome blogger had to work a lot to only keep a few. Votes are open until next week!