Live From Tennis Planet

Wait, what?!?!? “Download @MariaSharapova” M. Sharapova Someone is on a promotion tour Someone is having the life “This is one of my all time worst nights. No bags, get car towed twice and now don’t have toothbrush! #funtimes #traveldaysrtheworst!” S. Stosur Don’t make us skip a year so easily, it makes us grow older too … Continue reading

Of JJ, JJ And A Bit Of Sisi

Because even when she loses she steals the show… Let’s come back on the JJ Finale. One day she’ll get she’s not supposed to warm-up during the match You know JJ is playing when there’s a complete nail varnish/dress color mismatch and a bling bling bracelet What’s going on? Nobody’s gonna steal these, Sisi There’s … Continue reading

What To Expect From Foxy This Year

Alright. Odd stuff happened out there in the middle of nowhere the desert: Foxy reached the semifinals (only to lose to fashion disaster JJ but that’s another story). The thing is not that it’s impressive she won matches – in theory, she can do that – but that she had never won any in Indian … Continue reading

Live From Tennis Planet

Like you really care, Sharo “And he chose my racket? :)“@head_tennis: @justinbieber is warming up for the Desert Smash tennis event! #gameraiser ”” M. Sharapova Super Sam’s hair is long, very long Mistress Chantel is teaching Philosophy “Time to rewrite my story, together with Indian Wells. #dothework” S. Williams Turkish Airlines is on a new … Continue reading

Back To The Indian Wells Future

If you haven’t died of a WTF-ite after Foxy’s win over The Vinci Code, welcome to The Real Ball Girl’s brand new blog entry. Today, your immensely talented blogger starts the engine of her DeLorean to bring you back to a time where Dani Girl’s clothes defied fashion. Roll the clip! Or better said, the … Continue reading

Fashion Off Court Disaster

The tournament is barely starting that the Prozac List of Divas is already as long as Super Sam’s hair: Dani Girl, Miss October, La Marquise de Kerberita… Everyone is screwing it on court and but off court as well, apparently. Must be the ghost of JJ planning over this fashion disaster that has been hitting … Continue reading

Indian Wells Is All About Tennis

You know you’re in Cali when idiots blond guys with tattoos and old ones are around The guy is a model but shorter than Dani Girl and The Genie – shit happens We had finally got rid of RedTool… Here comes another twat So apparently, it’s a tennis tournament For further information regarding the matches … Continue reading

We Lost Them

Not even two days in Cali and the divas are already losing it. No comment, Super Sam.  “You know you’re #jetlagged when you try to get into your hotel room but find it isn’t yours, not to meantion not even the same building!” S. Stosur The Carnival of Venice is over, Dani Girl. Mugu, we … Continue reading

Live From Tennis Planet

Where’s the love for Turkish Airlines? What happened to their romance? “Wonderful concert with Gladys Knight #GladysKnight” S. Williams This will never get old “My team always has my back! In for equality? pass it on – #LeanInTogether” M. Sharapova Someone tell Super Sam that good lattes can be found anywhere “Last time out for … Continue reading

How To Survive Indian Wells

Our favorite desert tournament is about to start but The Real Ball Girl thinks it is time for her to give you a few tips to survive this so-called fifth grand slam that airs 95% of men matches and still calls this equality. 1. Foxy won’t survive it. She already doesn’t when she plays okay … Continue reading