Jamon, Jamon

Time to check how this Madrid party went. With a name such as La Caja Magica / The Magic Box, one is in his rights to expect something big and naughty from it. Sadly, The Real Ball Girl can’t say that it is how things went. Ugh. Madrid, you are such a party pooper. Dinara … Continue reading

The Magic Box Is Not Always Magic

Hola, amigos! Yes. Madrid is in full swing and shit – big shit – has already happened. It is thus time for your awesome blogger to come back on the early round tragedies of the Magic Box. Dani Girl Someone forgot the goal of tennis was to win the match. Ugh. Foxy No comment. Losing … Continue reading

The BFF Guide

Because it had been a while since the last time the WTA had tried to sell us the Mistress Chantel / Turkish Airlines’ BFF story… Here comes a Aqui Hay Solidaridad evening. Woohoo not. Where’s Mistress Chantel? How come they aren’t glued to each other? You can always count on guys to ruin pictures BFFs … Continue reading

The Divas’ Twitter Profile Pic

Because it’s about time The Real Ball Girl mocks them all. The cheap Playboy cover is back Turkish Airlines couldn’t go more neutral Someone likes red carpet-ing Sponsored by Photoshop A tennis related pic. Damn. This is so rare, these days. Is this TeamNailVarnish or just another way for Nastia the Teen in Crisis to … Continue reading

Marrakech Here We Go

It is this time of the year when the sun of Marrakech attracts the divas. Let’s see what the WTA has in store that we could make fun of. That’s a promising start, WTA The Vinci Code is wearing dark clothes because you know, it isn’t hot in Marrakech Dani Girl is here. If everything … Continue reading

Live From Tennis Planet

Mistress Chantel faces dramatic situations “My dog pooped in my bed. Not a solid poop but the nasty watery one.” S. Williams Honey, you are supposed to play tennis Anything to prevent Sharo from hitting the bars of Chueca “Hola Madrid!” M. Sharapova That’s one way to say you got bored on court, Turkish Airlines … Continue reading

The WTA Hits The Marvel Studios

You know that you are on for a Photoshop-ed session when the WTA feels the urge to add the divas’ name to the pictures they post… Let’s have a look at this Power To Inspire campaign which motto is: don’t smile, that could make you look nice and friendly. Sisi is walking on water. Damn, … Continue reading

Sharo Fans

Because the semifinals haven’t started yet in Stuttgart and that analyzing Super Sam’s hiking trip pics is a bit random, The Real Ball Girl has decided to come back on the different kind of Sharo Fans who have hit Germany this week. Yes. A bit of a tennis-sociology is always welcome. Always. Sharo Fans are … Continue reading

Oh… Ana… Oh…

No, The Real Ball Girl isn’t coming back on her fantabulous Stuttgart journey but on the fact she is so famous that Jimmy Kimmel decided to use her for one of his games. Sadly, this is probably not what Ivano!ic’s sponsors had in head. Nb. Please note how the audience isn’t sure AT ALL. Olympian … Continue reading

Foxy’s On Court Possibilities

Apart from being double bagelled, the WTA has decided to show Foxy that she could do plenty of things on court lately. She can strike the pose in a very confusing pic where chefs join an aircraft and shopping bags She can high-five people She can juggle She can do the airplane She can dance … Continue reading