The Wozniacki-gate

It all started with an exhibition that wasn’t sponsored by Champagne, unlike last year in Bratislava.

But in spite of the absence of bubbles, Caroline Wozniacki decided to strike again: she impersonated Serena Williams.

Yes, it is a picture from a 2011 exhibition. This just to prove that the first people who found Caroline’s Saõ Paolo impersonation racist actually lost 365 days in their “fight” since it wasn’t the first time the Danish player did it.

Actually, Novak Djokovic and Andy Roddick also imitated Serena Williams and that on multiple occasions so the major bashing could have started a lot earlier if people had known what they were talking about in the first place.

Rule #1 when criticizing: make a minimum of research to not sound dumb and lose credibility in the object you defend.

The problem is, misinformation grew and reached the greatest journalists of all time – please feel free to enjoy this extraordinary moment of cynism – aka the team of The View which resulted enough to push the sheep to react; from media to average viewers/social networkers.

Whether you find the impersonation funny is one thing and one is free to question the degree of humor in it. But answering to what some of you call racism by hatred is as much a crime as the one you point out.

What is racism? An act of hatred. Fair enough to denounce it when necessary but nobody can point out at hatred by hatred just like no on can answer to violence by violence.

Rule #2 when defending a cause: don’t answer the way you denounce the fact itself.

So far, there hasn’t been a single constructed argument about Caroline’s impersonation but only hateful, racist comments.

” Hey white girl. You want to mock Serena. Beat her first., b*&%h!”

“just say you are fucked danish racist … Serena is better than you .. your heart is black .. fuck off”

“People who look like Wozniacki (white, blonde, thin) aren’t exactly used to losing…”

“Dipshit, typical little racist, can’t compete against Serena, so all she has is that shit she did.”

Racism is a crime and has to be punished by the law. It is a daily fight that every single citizen should take part in. But it is also paramount to not mix everything or else, the notion will lose its main purpose.

Rule #3: don’t lose yourself in confusion.

A Caucasian person impersonating a black person doesn’t necessarily gives into racism. Or else, what to say about transvestites and caricatures?

Are transvestites racist people if they put on fake breasts and fake buttocks to imitate a black person? Are caricatures racist for highlighting some features more than others?

Besides – and in this specific case – Serena Williams herself often jokes about her curves. And she was there when Caroline Wozniacki impersonated her.

Have they stopped talking to each other since then? Has Serena herself – the main concerned person in this story – made any specific announcement about it?


So obviously, there is absolutely nothing to denounce here.

Rule #4: humor to ease tension.

A philosopher wondered once if one could laugh about anything. The answer is yes: not only one can but one should.

Humor won’t make a fight look more vain. Men have this capacity to naturally make a difference between a serious moment and a lighter one.

Humor is also a great way to ease tensions between people, in one given situation.

Disabled people are the first ones to make jokes about their situation and they appreciate them too when they come from others who aren’t disabled.

It all depends on the context.

Novak Djokovic impersonates Maria Sharapova very often. Is it an act of racism too, since he insists on some characteristics typical of the Russian player?

Will & Grace is a tv show that did a lot for the LGBT rights yet throughout the episodes, the screenwriters made fun of the gay characters. Was it homophobia and thus racism?

In conclusion

Nobody should jump into conclusions without having studied the situation in more depth, without having checked facts.

Nobody should judge anyone without having taken the necessary time to analyze both parties.

Or else the topical issue will only nourish more anger; more hatred. And the situation will worsen drastically.

Be wise when defending a cause if you want to be heard and taken seriously. Don’t do to others what you wouln’t like others to do to you.

One shouldn’t see racism in every single action that highlights some characteristics over some others. No one is untouchable.

It is pure confusion to do so; no matters the motivation lies in a personal background history or pure demagogy.

Intelligence lies in the ability to understand these differences.

Now if there is one thing we should remember from this “media stir”, it is that some people’s virulent reaction proves that racism left open, burning wounds. And that the fight still has a long way to go.

Everywhere around.

At every single second, every corner of our life.



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