The Ivy League Level

Alright. Everyone made it to Montreal but it is never too late to come back on whatever happened in Stanford, right? Yeah. Especially since the WTA hasn’t released official Rogers Cup pictures already.

When in Stanford, Super Sam taught a class

Then she also signed a book she hasn’t written herself

When in Stanford, TOWINUITI decided to wear an outfit coming straight from the 70’s

When in Stanford, Foxy looked more thrilled than her fans to be there

When in Stanford, Gaga belonged to the Si Division which meaning remains rather obscure

When in Stanford, Mistress Chantel looks like a postman who would be sponsored by Nike

When in Stanford, La Marquise de Kerberita attended an all-white-outfit dinner

When in Stanford, Garbine wore the worst shirt ever

When in Stanford, Petko assumed she was in LA

When in Stanford, Momo Puig found a kid who strangely looks like Martina Navratilova

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